Nimpy Mods

Hi! I'm Nimpy and I'm the creator of Peets 3.0 and the TBSE-XS sculpt! I mostly do 3D mods and poses. I also work with Sebastardd on new and exciting projects, like the Peets 3.0 series! Here, you can find my Discord, the sites I post my mods on, and my social media ♥

Here is a list of what I offer:

  • Earrings for Viera (they will affect the ear directly): 8€

  • Peetify your Boots/Socks: 15-20€

  • Combine ears&tail mods: 13€

  • Split Dye hair/ears: 10-15€

  • Custom Choker/Necklaces: 8-15€

  • Custom Piercings: 8-10€

  • Female to Male/Male to Female gear ports: 20€ top/bottom | 15€ shoes/gloves | 45€ for a full set | 5€ jewelry

Some prices will depend on the complexity of the project!

Please note that I only offer comms for the following bodies:

  • Bibo+small

  • Aphrodite+/small


  • TBSE

  • TBSE-X for Highlander only

  • Peets 3.0

Please note that I don't offer the following:

  • Any kind of BDSM-themed Mods

  • Hro/Male Roe mods

  • Any kind of texture mods (make up, tattoos for example)

  • Hair mods

  • Vanilla gear upscales (You can take a look into my archives if the gear mod you're looking for is already upscaled)

Commissions are currently closed

  • Edits of my free works are allowed but please link the original&credit me

  • Upscales/Downscales/Ports may not include textures, please link to the original mod for textures instead

  • Please don't claim my stuff as your own work

  • If my mod is created from the contributions of other mod authors please check their permissions for upscales, downscales etc

  • None of my NSFW poses/mods may be ported to Lalafell!

  • Don't port my mods to Nofflefit, EVE, Otopop or Shapely bodies

  • Don't upload any ports/upscales/downscales of my stuff to Aether Link

  • Don't just throw my mods in a pmp or ttmp2 that come in lose files and reupload them!

  • early access mods can be edited and published with the proper credit after I published them!